Hindsight Solutions Provide Incomparable Engagement With A Range of Ad Positioning

For brand awareness, the positioning of the ad content is just important as the relevance of the content versus the article.

The placement of your brand’s message, and therefore the context that surrounds it, can make or break an interaction with users you are trying to acquire.

Hindsight brings together ad format innovation in placements of high impact and relevance on premium editorial sites around the open web — which is becoming more and more important for brands.

News sites have been mostly prioritized by businesses, and it’s also why many brands worldwide are already using Hindsight to support their brand awareness efforts, effectively reaching over half a million daily active users across the world’s top publishers.

Engagement with Hindsight:

Hindsight Solutions is partnering with brands with their Adaptive Ad technology with customers like FanDuel, FOCO, and Find Your Trainer.

Ad creatives need to be adaptive versus fixed to drive connections between ad messaging and article content. By using Hindsight’s proprietary algorithms, brands can automate dynamic creatives so that every ad aligns with the content it appears on. This strategy improves brand alignment and increases engagement and efficiency of campaigns by 10x.

FOCO’s advertisement campaign is an example how brands can use Adaptive Targeting with Hindsight Ad campaigns to drive high amounts of engagement and awareness without using cookies. In the below example, you can see how the content of the ad matches the content of the article. Hindsight’s Adaptive Ad technology changes a generic FOCO Fan Gear ad to be more specific to the Jaguars which is the team of focus for the article.

Our Adpositionings only one a part of the Hindsight Technology Solutions Inc.— by using our products and tools like InCERT (In-paragraph Contextual Editorial Recommendation Tool provides you with robust brand safety and adjacency controls, also several of our brands have leveraged powerful readership data and insights.

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