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    Introducing Smart-Tagging

    What is Smart-Tagging

    Smart-Tagging is an information discovery platform for online publications to provide readers more information on key terms in an article to allow them to better understand the story and dig deeper on topics they are interested in without having to leave a publications domain. 


    Enhance Reader Experience

    Provide your readers with the context they need to better understand your content and further explore specific aspects of an article

    Maximize Time on Site

    Minimize your readers need to leave your site and depend on alternative search tools to get more information about the stories you are covering

    Improve Access to Content

    Recommend related articles your readers care about when they care about them - while they are reading a story

    User Experience Survey

    We recently launched a five minute User Experience Survey to understand how readers want to receive more context around the news. We would love your feedback as well!

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