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Hindsight uses contextual targeting to place innovative engagement and advertising units to enrich web content.

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With our proprietary “Dynamic Content Optimization” contextual technology, Hindsight is currently powering solutions for both advertisers and publishers.
Publisher Monetization Solutions
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Start replacing cookie-based revenues with better performing, native contextual experiences to boost reader experience, monetization, and page view engagement. InCERT will drive your engagement by 5%+!
For Publishers

Start replacing cookie-based revenues with better performing, native contextual experiences

For Advertisers

Leverage Hindsight’s InCERT placement to upsell premium real-estate to internal demand partners

Last Mile Contextual DCO

Ad Creatives Should Not Be Fixed They Should Be Adaptive

Ad creatives need to be adaptive versus fixed to drive connections between ad messaging and article content. By using Hindsight’s proprietary algorithms, brands can automate dynamic creatives so that every ad aligns with the content it appears on. This strategy improves brand alignment and increases engagement and efficiency of campaigns by 10x.
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Benefits of Adaptive

Privacy First and Cookie-Less
1%+ CTRs on Ads
Direct Brand Alignment with Content
Drives User Deeper Into Conversion Funnel
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What are you waiting for? Experience a new level of innovative engagement and advertising units.

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