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Redefining Native Search


Introducing Smart-Tagging

What is Smart-Tagging?

Hindsight has created a new framework and delivery for native search for digital media companies to improve reader engagement and reader monetization. Our Smart-Tagging technology pre-identifies search terms in an article and attaches internal related content, further context on the topic, and highly targeted advertising (native or video), all accessible to the reader with a single click (or hover) on the term. The type and search action is now a click or hover action!


Increase In-Feed Engagement


Increase placement volume of in-feed content by 10x+ by leveraging Hindsight's keyword driven native search technology

Point-of-Interest Advertising


By creating native search around keywords, Hindsight places highly targeted and contextual monetization units which have a higher engagement rate

Improve Access to Content


Recommend related articles your readers care about when they care about them - while they are reading a story

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