Hindsight uses unique article identifiers to create contextual engagement experiences within content to increase revenue and pageviews. Thousands of attributes such as location, topics, organizations, and semantic analysis are used to predict recommendations that customers will engage with the most.

In-Paragraph Engagement

Inside a paragraph, when reader experience is held in view, engagement is a cinch. Hindsight’s In-Paragraph product is completely native/content-first and benefits from internal article recommendations, which results in a stronger user experience and increases the value of your content.

In-Text Search

A full-text search is a comprehensive search method that compares every word of the search request against every word within the document or database. Google search operators are special characters and commands called “advanced operators” that extend the capabilities of regular text searches. Hindsight provides the best In Text Search services to its clients for better search engine and user understanding.

Music Streaming Platform

Allow readers to listen to and engage with the artists and songs they are reading content about

Publisher Benefits

Increased Revenue

All our products pay the publisher on a CPM structure

Increased Recirculation

Average 8% increase in page views/session

Increased Time-On-Site

Average 9% increase in dwell time

Native Format

Our units leverage content based recommendations and engagement actions to create a more native experience

Easy Setup

Just one line of JS code and you’ll start seeing results!

Contextual Analytics

Since our product is driven by contextual keywords, we provide you data to see which keywords are driving the most engagement. This data can be used for audience insights and SEO!

Partners We Work With

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