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Introducing InCERT

Every publisher monetizes ads within an article, but too frequently the ads are not relevant and provide no value to the reader resulting in poor performance. Hindsight’s InCERT product utilizes an in-article contextual algorithm to recommend internal articles and a contextual ad to drive pageviews and revenue.

Contextual Algorithm

InCERT recommends related content from within the publication using context from neighboring paragraphs


InCERT leverages a proprietary contextual ad stack to drive high CPM IAB ads with optimized viewability and more time spent

Dynamic Placement

InCERT uses a proprietary dynamic positioning logic to place the unit at a location where it will benefit the reader experience and the reader is most likely to engage with related content. InCERT can also integrate via most ad servers including Google Ad Manager

Incert Contextual Advertising
Cross-network circulation

Drive Cross-Network Recirculation

For organizations that operate multiple sites, leverage InCERT to cross-circulate traffic allows your users to discover related content across your network!

Sell Direct Ad Deals into InCERT's Premium Real-Estate

InCERT’s ad real estate is a valuable ad slot for an ad sales team to sell to brands and advertisers. Due to InCERT’s high time spent and viewability, InCERT’s ad real estate is:

what you get
InCERT Benefits
Increased Revenue

All our products pay the publisher on a CPM structure

Increased Recirculation

Average 8% increase in page views/session

Increased Time-On-Site

Average 9% increase in dwell time

Native Format

Our units leverage content based recommendations and engagement actions to create a more native experience

Easy Setup

Just one line of JS code and you’ll start seeing results!

Contextual Analytics

Since our product is driven by contextual keywords, we provide you data to see which keywords are driving the most engagement. This data can be used for audience insights and SEO!

InCERT Earnings Calculator

* Earnings calculation includes the average 20% unit CPM lift and 5% monthly pageview increase created by InCERT.