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Hindsight’s Leverage Contextual Service maximizes the ROI on ad spend, improves brand messaging against content, and ensures that ads meet data privacy compliance regulations. Contextual targeting services and solutions are more important now more than ever and are ensuring major benefits for their owners by delivering highly relevant and targeted content to users.
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Ad Creatives should not be fixed they should be


Ad creatives need to be adaptive versus fixed to drive connections between ad messaging and article content. By using Hindsight’s proprietary algorithms, brands can automate dynamic creatives so that every ad aligns with the content it appears on. This strategy improves brand alignment and increases engagement and efficiency of campaigns by 10x.

Go beyond brand alignment and promote


Traditional contextual targeting companies match your brand against categories of content but the messaging is fixed. In order to reach that sweet spot of alignment within your content, you need to focus on two key pieces within your content: quality and relevance. By partnering with Hindsight and our adaptive formats, your ads will seamlessly seem part of an article, instead of a blind ad.

Contextual Targeting Creates

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Contextual Targeting
10x+   CTR
30%   Increase in Viewability
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