Adaptive Technology
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Frequency and Reach can Now be Precisely Relevant


Last mile Dynamic "Content" Optimization (DCO)

Target your audience better than ever before, across any device, with Hindsight’s dynamic creative optimization using content targeting.

Our technology uses article context to dynamically customize performance marketing creatives to be an extension of the article, maximizing conversions and ensuring each impression is a qualified interested user.

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Why Adaptive

There is no one size fits all when it comes to ads. To deliver a personalized ad, you need to adapt and be flexible.

When you think about how ads are currently created and placed across the web, brands work with DSPs and DMPs to place an ad with fixed creative against the right audience and content parameters.

This framework is rigid and provides limitations on the range of messaging in ad creative to align with user environments.

Last Mile Contextual DCO is the future. When you combine adaptive creative with contextual intelligence, the ads become so integrated into content, they feel and read as editorial. 

Adaptive creative is what native advertising was supposed to look like.

Turnkey, Infinite Creative Copy Tailored on a 1x1 level

Turnkey, Infinite Creative Copy Tailored on a 1x1 level

Personalize your messaging on a massive scale with the ease and promptitude of a traditional fixed unit. Imagine a billboard in Times Square displaying unique messaging specific to each viewer based off their interests at that exact point in time. Frequency and Reach can now be Precisely Relevant

New Greenfield Content Placement

New Greenfield Content Placement

Our automated affiliate-like placement framework allows brands to monetize against content they would otherwise not be able to--> Turning non-commerce editorial into point-of-sale/point of interest opportunities

Higher Engagement

Higher Engagement Rates

The dynamic, content-specific ”calls-to-action” within the adaptive ad format drive higher conversions and user engagement

How It Works

Infinite data sets to dynamically match exact content user is ingesting.​

Article subsequently promotes services or products being advertised.​

Plug-In Data feed updates in Real Time providing for more detailed messaging.​

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Content Optimization

Our ads are formulated by plucking specific references
from an article tying directly to your brand

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