Data Monetization for Publishers – How Publishers can Activate and Monetize Data

Advertisers use data management software for their campaigns, making it essential to get the most out of their data while monetizing publishers. Advertisers might apply: Audience-Based Targeting On Data Collected From Their Sites. Retargeting Based On Previous Campaigns. Outreach Based On 3rd-Party Data. Video ad accounts represent the most significant portion of these campaigns –up […]

Learn More About Contextual Advertising by Hindsight Solutions

Are you a digital publisher struggling to capture your readers’ attention and monetize your content without disrupting your customers’ online experience in the slightest? You’re not alone. Find out how you can create a monetization strategy that doesn’t alienate your audience with multichannel messaging. 90% of people find online ads more effective than they used […]

How Digital Publishers are Preparing for the Future | Future of Monetization

It is an exciting time for digital publishing. Increasingly, consumers are relying on digital channels for learning, entertainment, and shopping. A recent report found that as of April 2021, around 4.4 billion people, or 58% of the world’s population, are online. With an ever-growing online audience and increasing competition between content producers and publishers, digital […]

Hindsight Solutions Provide Incomparable Engagement With A Range of Ad Positioning

For brand awareness, the positioning of the ad content is just important as the relevance of the content versus the article. The placement of your brand’s message, and therefore the context that surrounds it, can make or break an interaction with users you are trying to acquire. Hindsight brings together ad format innovation in placements of high […]

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