4 Strategies Publishers Can Use to Monetize Digital Content

The idea of starting a content publisher monetization service appears sooner or later in the life of a publisher, whether they run a web magazine, news website or blog. Content is a product today and the earning potential on it has never been higher. Publishers have shifted their publications from print to digital. This is […]

Digital Monetization Solutions Pros and Cons for Publishers

So many publishers are dying where you are now. You have built an audience by providing great content, and now you are looking at digital monetization to bring in revenue to reward you and your team for hard work. Sadly, many publishers never get past the first step: building an audience but you did. You […]

5 Ways Publishers Can Increase Revenue – Hindsight Solutions

If you’re looking for data solutions, you’re probably wondering how they can improve your ad sales. While the data helps there, it also provides a much wider reach. Data affects revenue through more than just advertising – it can help publishers develop multiple streams of income that boost their bottom line. Let’s take a look […]

Best Native Advertising Platforms for Publishers in 2021 | Hindsight Solutions

As businesses and entrepreneurs are re-evaluating their marketing spend during the global pandemic, native advertising is growing in popularity. By 2021, 74% of total US display advertising revenue will be generated by native ads. The main reasons are two-fold. This is one of the reasons why native advertising platforms are now gaining more popularity among […]

Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2021 | Hindsight Solutions

The ad tech industry doesn’t start and end with Google AdSense. In fact, there are many options for publishers who want to generate revenue outside of Google. You can combine multiple networks to generate the highest revenue. Here we explore and bring to you our top picks for 2021. Short in time? These are our […]

Effective Yield Optimization for Publishers | Hindsight Solutions

What is Yield Optimization? Yield optimization is the act of utilizing information investigation and improvement methods to expand execution and income. So, it is a system used to boost the worth of advanced publicizing. Advertisers are continually attempting to accomplish the best return for their promotion impressions. While little promotion distributers can test an assortment […]

Ways Publishers Programmatically Optimize Ad Inventory to Increase Ad Sales

The basic metrics that brands supply to low-cost digital advertising channels can certainly help publishers understand performance.This includes the visibility and legality of advertisements, brand protection, fraud prevention, legacy strategies, and measurement criteria for cheap digital ad space that don’t provide the most telling features about audience response compared to recent innovations. The rise of […]

Guide to Product and Content Recommendations | Hindsight Solutions

If you’re just getting started with personalization, you may be wondering what kind of product and/or content recommendations can help your marketing team’s web optimization strategy. To learn more about these approaches and practical ways to apply them to your digital marketing strategy, read the full description below. There are many reasons why marketers want […]

Content Monetization – Ways to Monetize Your Content | Hindsight Solutions

Any content you produce can and should be monetized. Of course, you can aim to reach different goals by investing in content creation. For example, growing your web presence, gaining new audiences, or educating existing customers. In the end, you can figure out that your content can generate real money along with any other result. […]

What is Content Recommendation? Know With Hindsight Solutions

In your research to improve your online marketing, you may come across people talking about Content Recommendation Services Company. You may be scratching your head, asking, “What is content recommendation? Why is it important to my business?” Here’s a rundown on what you need to know: The Basics: Simply put, content recommendation is any system […]

Data Monetization for Publishers – How Publishers can Activate and Monetize Data

Advertisers use data management software for their campaigns, making it essential to get the most out of their data while monetizing publishers. Advertisers might apply: Audience-Based Targeting On Data Collected From Their Sites. Retargeting Based On Previous Campaigns. Outreach Based On 3rd-Party Data. Video ad accounts represent the most significant portion of these campaigns –up […]

Learn More About Contextual Advertising by Hindsight Solutions

Are you a digital publisher struggling to capture your readers’ attention and monetize your content without disrupting your customers’ online experience in the slightest? You’re not alone. Find out how you can create a monetization strategy that doesn’t alienate your audience with multichannel messaging. 90% of people find online ads more effective than they used […]

How Digital Publishers are Preparing for the Future | Future of Monetization

It is an exciting time for digital publishing. Increasingly, consumers are relying on digital channels for learning, entertainment, and shopping. A recent report found that as of April 2021, around 4.4 billion people, or 58% of the world’s population, are online. With an ever-growing online audience and increasing competition between content producers and publishers, digital […]

Hindsight Solutions Provide Incomparable Engagement With A Range of Ad Positioning

For brand awareness, the positioning of the ad content is just important as the relevance of the content versus the article. The placement of your brand’s message, and therefore the context that surrounds it, can make or break an interaction with users you are trying to acquire. Hindsight brings together ad format innovation in placements of high […]

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