Contextual Ads
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Why Contextual?

How does advertising targeting work today?
Audience targeting on the web has historically been driven by third-party cookies. A user is targeted by his browser history across devices and platforms and is served advertising and engagement based on this information.

What regulations are preventing behavioral targeting?
However over the past 2 years, CCPA & GDPR regulations have limited the ability to monetize and target using third-party cookies causing a direct impact on open-market programmatic pricing.

Will Third-Party Cookies go away?
100%, absolutely. Browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Brave have blocked third-party cookie tracking in 2019. And in January 2020, Google announced Chrome will be banning third-party cookies by 2021. These 4 browsers make up most of the web traffic meaning third-party cookies will have a very limited use case in the recent future.

Get high engagement, without cookies.

By using Hindsight’s advertiser and publisher contextual targeting platforms, you won’t notice the disappearance of the third-party cookie.
Our ad units can be implemented on your site with just a short snippet of ad code. It can’t get easier than this. You can also seamlessly activate multiple formats – contextual ads, outstream video ads, in-read native ads and standard IAB units, without any additional code or integration work.
Contextual Targeting Platform

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