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5 Ways Publishers Can Increase Revenue

If you’re looking for data solutions, you’re probably wondering how they can improve your ad sales. While the data helps there, it also provides a much wider reach. Data affects revenue through more than just advertising – it can help publishers develop multiple streams of income that boost their bottom line. Let’s take a look at some of the ways publishers can increase revenue streams.

Why multiple sources of income matter to publishers:

Most of the publishers these days are trying to find additional sources of revenue. Their traditional streams of income, such as digital displays and advertising, are still important, but exploring other options could lead to alternative income for publishers. In the publishing industry, relying on one source of income can be much more problematic than it used to be.

We share 5 ways to increase publishers’ income.

1. Maximize Ad Sales:

For web publishers, the prototypical approach to using a data management platform (DMP) includes leveraging data collected from your online presence and available second or third party data such as behaviors, interests, intentions, similarities, past purchases, and lifting is included.

Whether the publisher markets the audience via ad servers or SSPs, the general approach is the same:

  • Create a standard audience list that includes the key areas your advertiser clients are members of.
  • Use a bespoke setup for high-priced advertisers or for those that don’t fit the standard set.
  • Work with clients to determine the appropriate strategy for the specific campaign – messaging, cross-screen, sequential, etc.

2. Monetize Your Data:

As you collect more and more data about your audience, you have the option of selling your data to a wider market. You can choose whether to sell through direct relationships with buyers or by making the data available to any buyer through DSP data provider Seat. Another option, if you want to avoid selling under your own brand, is to consider engaging in an anonymous data exchange.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to make sure that your content is authentic and of high quality. Consumers are getting better at choosing ads, and it’s a turnoff. It is best to give them honest, genuine content and tell them about the money-making potential of affiliate links.

4. Discover New Audiences:

Once you’ve got a feel for your current audience, you can start to find new ones you can offer to advertisers. Identifying your target audience is a necessary first step. You’ll have to consider your relationship with potential new clients — what will they want, and what will you have to offer? Thankfully, since you’ve already studied your existing customers, you have a pretty good starting point.

5. Create customized, Personalized and Recommended Content:

You can apply the customer insights you get from DMP to your website, adjusting the content in a number of ways.

  • Content Optimization: If you know that a portion of your audience is interested in specific content, you can begin to market to them. You can see that most of the people who have watched your videos recently are young men interested in sports.
  • Content Personalization: While the production team can create content for specific categories, you also need to make sure it is reaching the people it will be most relevant to, the people you know are interested in it. With the help of content management system, DMP viewers can feed only the most relevant articles to the users.
  • Content Recommendation: So we’ve made sure our users are getting the right articles, but we also need to keep things fresh. We cannot continue to show them the same content or type of article. Material recommendation might help.

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