Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2021 | Hindsight Solutions

The ad tech industry doesn’t start and end with Google AdSense. In fact, there are many options for publishers who want to generate revenue outside of Google. You can combine multiple networks to generate the highest revenue. Here we explore and bring to you our top picks for 2021.

Short in time? These are our top 5 ad networks:

1. Hindsight Solutions: Hindsight Solutions, a complete holistic solution for publishers, leveraging search, ads and news monetization options and best content optimization for ad publishers and advertisers.

2. Google Adsense and Google Marketing Network: The most popular advertising networks allow publishers to monetize their websites by serving ads on their digital assets.

3. Taboola: An ad network that matches campaigns from specific publishers. Presents content in newsfeed format.

4. Outbrain: A complete platform for showing ads to top publishers. Focuses on inventory management.

5. Amazon for Publishers: Integrated Advertising Marketplace for Amazon customers to leverage ads on and off Amazon

What is an ad network and why do you need one?

An ad network is an intermediary that presents the right publisher choice to the right buyer. It connects publishers (suppliers) and advertisers (buyers) to match their campaign goals.

You can work with multiple ad networks, depending on the different types of ad formats you work with. There are video ad networks that provide video content, and others that focus on the best CPM rate.

How do you choose the best ad network for your company?

There is a good deal of different ad networks offering video advertising, in-feed advertising and display advertising to choose from. But before choosing a network, you should first start by evaluating your marketing needs.

Major Factors to Consider:

Your Target Audience: Is your audience B2B or B2C? How big is your audience? Pay attention to your audience’s demographics, interests, location and age group.

Your Budget: Sometimes budget can play an important role in choosing certain networks for starting companies.

Your Niche: This is probably the most important factor in determining which network works best for you. Often, the more general the niche, the more general the network.

Ad Network Types:

General Ad Networks: Unlike specialized networks, these handle a wider spectrum of advertisers. In this category, we can find the Google and Facebook ad networks. These bring a vast audience of consumers to the table with comprehensive and detailed customer data.

Promotional Platforms: These tools give you access to multiple ad networks, exchanges, and marketing resources. Promotional platforms help you manage multiple campaigns, access marketing resources, calculate marketing costs, and optimize your marketing through multiple ad networks.

Specific Ad Networks: These are also called “niche” networks. These ad networks usually target the industry or niche. For example, there are display ad networks that target software advertisers, publishers, and developers. These networks typically handle specialized and high-converting, inventory.

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