Contextual Targeting: The Ultimate Source of Cookie-less Monetization


Are you ready to enter the cookie-less era? If you are a publisher, then buckle up and plan for a wide array of improvements to your business models. Restrictions on cookies are setting user targeting, CX, and site metrics back around 20 years. This new reality will result in an impersonal customer experience, making it difficult for the publishers to drive subscriptions and for brands to authentically connect with consumers. Even today the ad tech industry is glued together with cookies, but this method of tracking activity and monetizing web activity is crumbling.

In a cookie-less world, targeted audience insights will be much less attainable and advertising revenue will take a hit. For decades, revenue from advertisements has been dependent on cookies to reach out to consumers, but that time is passing. While a cookie-less future poses many challenges, it also presents many opportunities for marketers to have better revenues than ever before. What’s the saving grace to the crumbling of the cookie? Contextual targeting, an advertising tactic that assesses an online environment to determine which specific ad is shown.

Contextual targeting has the potential to provide cookie-like performance when selecting and serving advertisements to users, and can even be more effective than targeting using third-party cookies. Contextual marketing can be used to optimise conversions, improve customer experience, enhance and automate campaigns, and create seamless customer journeys. Essentially, contextual targeting is the key to connecting with your ideal audience.

Are you a publisher or an advertiser worried about Cookieless Monetization ? Hindsight Solutions has the answer. We believe that the digital advertising industry is currently overly-dependent on the cookie, and it is time to make the best out of contextual targeting. At Hindsight, we combine contextual intelligence and adaptive creativity to drive better results, with no dependence on cookies. Simply check out our website at or send an email to, and our experts will help you leverage the power of contextual targeting to thrive in the cookie-less world.