4 Strategies Publishers Can Use to Monetize Digital Content

The idea of ​​starting a content publisher monetization service appears sooner or later in the life of a publisher, whether they run a web magazine, news website or blog. Content is a product today and the earning potential on it has never been higher.

Publishers have shifted their publications from print to digital. This is partly due to the fact that they are looking for new options for both distributing and monetizing their content. Digital solutions are reducing or eliminating printing, effectively cutting production and supply chain costs, offering opportunities to conquer international markets, which means saving time and money.

When can you start monetizing your digital content?

If you start monetizing content too early, you’ll end up feeling frustrated. You need to know that this is a process that requires some preparation. The first thing you should do is encourage readers to trust your brand.

What are the prospects of content monetization services?

Your monetization possibilities depend on the type of content you provide, how many readers you have and how much money you can invest in it. You’ll find some monetization options below, a brief description of them, and a small suggestion of what this method is for.

1. Direct Selling:

Content is a product that you can sell. What could it be? E-books or PDFs, video series or online courses, tutorials, audiobooks, newsletters, podcast series and magazine issues. This option is great for everyone: course creators, writers, magazine publishers, marketers, etc.

The products you offer may be sold in a “pay one time” model. For example, you create a PDF guide once and sell it for years, making necessary updates when needed. You can also offer subscriptions, which is great for magazine issues, where readers choose the best option for themselves.

2. Advertisement:

It is the most traditional version of content monetization that has shifted from print do digital. The traditional, print newspaper business model was based on advertising revenue – it was about 80%. The change was due to a decline in print advertising (and print publishing as a whole) in 2014, but also an increase in digital subscriptions.

Online advertising is the riskiest form due to the increasing use of AdBlock. However, today digital and mobile ads are suitable for content and have a distracting look. They are also adjusted according to the interest of the readers. You can display ads on your blog, in your videos, and more.

Remember, this is not a good way to get unpopular publishers without money. If you want to earn revenue from ads on your content, it must be popular enough that it doesn’t cost you more to drive traffic than it does from advertising revenue.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

The easiest, but also the least profitable way. It sometimes only serves a representative function when the goal is to make a brand more popular. If you are seriously thinking of earning money, then affiliation should be your little extra source to achieve this.

Affiliate programs are good for people with no technical skills. The deal is simple. You share external brand information with your network using dedicated referral links. Everyone you get through your referral link gets some profit/money from every new deal you get to this outside brand.

4. Sponsored Content:

Sponsored content looks like a type of native ad, however… it’s not an ad. Simply put, it is someone else’s content such as an article or video that resides on your site. You probably guess that in order to post an article on your website and get paid for it, you need to be a big player. It’s a way for big brands to have a huge audience.

Contrary to many opinions, this method still survives. There are even platforms (such as Accessily) that help publish content on someone else’s website or content purchased on different websites.

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