Digital Monetization Solutions Pros and Cons for Publishers

Digital Monetization Solutions Pros and Cons for Publishers

So many publishers are dying where you are now. You have built an audience by providing great content, and now you are looking at digital monetization to bring in revenue to reward you and your team for hard work.

Sadly, many publishers never get past the first step: building an audience but you did.

You are in a good place, but digital monetization will take you to a better place if you do it right. It is therefore important for publishers to understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of digital monetization solutions. And that’s what we find below.

Benefits of Digital Monetization Solutions for Publishers:

With that out of the way, let’s join the pros of digital monetization solutions from a publisher’s perspective. Aside from the obvious advocate of bringing in money for your content production efforts, there are many more benefits to working with a digital monetization partner such as Hindsight Solutions.

Expert Guidance to Increase Your Revenue:

Many publishers feel like they have gone blind in trying to increase their income. Partnering with a digital monetization expert gives you direct-to-source guidance that can take your revenue to new heights.

Access to ad creative:

Not all digital monetization partners provide access to an in-house creative team, but the good ones do. With access to a creative team, you can sell premium inventory at premium prices. Most advertisers can’t find that kind of custom-tailored inventory anywhere else.

Support across Channels:

Most publishers allow their content to go live on multiple channels. If you have a website, you probably also have an app or over-the-top (OTT) channel. This is where a world-class digital monetization partner can be of great help. With the best partners, you get multi-channel support for your ad sales efforts to maximize your revenue.

Data Pooling to Increase Revenue:

Especially as third-party data is being phased out, it is becoming incredibly important for an advertiser to have access to large amounts of first-party publisher data. As a publisher, you have first-party data. But, how do you leverage this into revenue? It is quite difficult to do on your own.

Disadvantages of Digital Monetization for Publishers:

Digital monetization is the way forward for the vast majority of publishers in 2021, so it’s hard to identify the pitfalls of monetization in the digital space and offer any real, viable alternatives. But one possible scenario — and the only real disadvantage of digital monetization for publishers — is that certain types of publishers may be better suited to building an in-house ad ops team.

If you’re a very large digital publisher that brings in $100 million in ad sales revenue per year, you may find that the cost/benefit negotiation favors building an in-house team to bring in ad revenue.

For most publishers, building a full in-house team would be far more expensive (and time-consuming). But for some of the biggest publishers, an in-house ad sales unit may be something to explore.

The Ultimate Content Monetization Services You’ll Ever Need:

Hindsight Solutions is the only digital monetization solution for publishers that combines machine learning with human insight to help publishers increase their advertising revenue in a way they never thought possible. Every time your digital content is loaded onto a user’s screen, our platform works hard to create a custom advertising solution that will maximize your revenue.

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