A Comprehensive Guide to Publisher Operations Platform

If you aren’t familiar with the roles of ad operations and Publisher Operations Platform then this article is for you. With digital advertising’s reputation for being intimidatingly complicated, ad operations simplify the processes and systems that support the sale and delivery of online advertising. To break it down in simple words, it is the workflow processes and software systems that are used to sell, input, serve, target, and report on the performance of online ads.

The operations platform is responsible for setting up, running, managing, testing, and generating revenue through ad campaigns. Here is a quick view of the aspects of ad operations.

  • Trafficking  –  Trafficking involves monitoring and delivering across ad exchanges, keeping track of the third-party ad tags from different vendors, and other activities that bring attention to your website.
  • Scheduling  –  The time when your ad is shown also matters when dictating the effectiveness of any advertising campaign. Scheduling the ad to reach maximum viewership for the least cost is a vital part of ad operations.
  • Optimization  –  From SEO optimization to content optimization, change is a fundamental part of keeping pace with the trends and standards so your content will be shown. Luckily there are a variety of optimization activities that can be implemented to best complement your ad.
  • Demand management  –  Correctly managing demand is another core aspect of ad operations; this process involves noting down the terms of each contract, participating in negotiation, and tracking the ads’ performance to determine where adjustments can be made.
  • Yield Management  –  Another aspect of ad operations is to look for opportunities leading to better revenue generation via advertising by calculating the amount and location of funds being allocated to make the ad as efficient as possible.

The need for the right Publisher Operations Platform can’t be overlooked. Without professional assistance, website publishers could have the wrong ads peppering the pages of their sites, allow the ads to stagnate over time, or use an uninspired layout that lacks creative influence. For professional assistance with your ad campaigns consult the Hindsight Solutions team where we use contextual targeting to place innovative engagement and advertising units to enrich web content.

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