Advertising Strategies to effectively practice consumer data privacy

Advertiser Targeting Platform

In this privacy-first era, it is essential for advertisers and publishers to configure their advertising strategies and employ methods that are effective in keeping consumer data private. In the past decade, the way customer data is gathered, used, and regulated has changed drastically. This shift is expected to have profound restrictions and limitations for advertisers and publishers, as their advertising strategies are largely reliant upon cookies. However, a changing advertising landscape requires advertisers and publishers to change their strategies and choose new approaches that are free from cookies.

Consumers are becoming increasingly intentional about what types of data they share and with whom. Thus, they are now cautious about sharing their personal information with brands, advertisers, and publishers. Increased data breaches have promoted the increased use of tools that give people more control over their data, and advertisers and publishers are expected to be more focused on consumer privacy and comply with current regulations. For a sustainable and effective Advertiser Targeting Platform  , it is recommended to consider utilising contextual intelligence and adaptive technology to deploy personalised and intuitive ads without compromising privacy.

As cookies are on the verge of extinction, marketers, advertisers, and publishers are taking an interest in contextual advertising. This form of marketing is capable of adding relevant information to the story with its brand messaging and ad placement. Moreover, it offers a higher return on investment, and supports a vibrant ecosystem of advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

Striking a balance between consumer privacy and ad presentation is a must to make the most out of every ad campaign. In this effort to navigate a cookie-less web, Hindsight Solutions can help you through adaptive technology. We combine intelligence and adaptive creative to power a reader-first message that drives better results, with no dependence on cookies, and simultaneously solves monetization and retention issues.

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