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As businesses and entrepreneurs are re-evaluating their marketing spend during the global pandemic, native advertising is growing in popularity.

By 2021, 74% of total US display advertising revenue will be generated by native ads. The main reasons are two-fold.

This is one of the reasons why native advertising platforms are now gaining more popularity among advertisers and publishers to run advertising campaigns.

Whatever the advertising platform, a local ad network is more likely to generate high-quality traffic and leads for publishers. But which are the best native advertising platforms? let’s take a closer look.

What is a Native Ad Network?

Before we discuss the importance and benefits of native advertising platforms, let us explain what they are. A native advertising platform is a medium that enables both publishers and advertisers to meet their advertising goals by synchronizing advertisements with web content.

The nature of a native advertisement is not the same as an advertisement. Instead, it appears to be a seamless part of the web content that the user sees. It helps native advertising platforms to advertise in a non-intrusive manner to ensure content is discovered without disrupting the user experience.

Types of native advertising:

Although personal ads appear to be part of the overall web content, there is still enough room for publishers to display their native ads in a variety of forms. Here are some of the most popular ways to show personal ads:

1. Material Recommendations:

These are native ads that appear in the form of recommended content and articles. They usually appear at the bottom or in the middle of the article you are currently reading.

2. In-feed Advertisement:

These are native ads that look like normal social media posts when you’re scrolling down your news feed. They are widely used by platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Searched and Promoted Lists:

These native ads appear at the top of your search engine results when you’re looking for a specific service or product. They can also appear in the sidebar.

Examples and benefits of native ads:

Compared to traditional display ads, local ads bring wider benefits for publishers and advertisers. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of Native Ads.

  • Improved engagement and impressions
  • Native ads are more relevant
  • Publishers Get More Control With Local Advertising
  • Better chance of reaching the target audience

6 of the Best Native Advertising Platforms for Publishers:

1. Hindsight Solutions
2. Tabula
3. Yahoo Gemini
4. Netivo
5. TripleLift
6. RevContent

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