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Despite our SEO-focused presence, we have always had a soft spot for the thrill of online advertising. Given that we already have a history of researching the perspective of the people who create and run digital advertising, we thought it was worth taking a closer look at what’s happening on the other side of this business. That’s how we track the people who help deliver those ads to a general audience – the vast and diverse network of online publishers, content creators, and influencers scattered across the virtual plains of the Internet.

So to uncover the secrets of online publishers, we did what Hindsight’s marketers do best. We searched it on Google. And while most of the time, this method will work, this time, it did not. To our confusion, we couldn’t find any comprehensive research on how the ad publishing business was doing.

The results were surprising.

Publishers miss out on 79 percent of their monetization potential.

Yes, you read that right! Online domains that sell their ad space for a living receive at least 21% of their monetization potential. Therefore, the average blog and ad-packed websites lose 79% of their potential revenue from displaying third-party ads.

Are you a Publisher, Blogger or Affiliate Marketer?

We hate to come across as cold, but the chance that you’re part of the aforementioned stat is five times lower than what you could do.

These certainly sound like bold claims, but we’re more than willing to back them up with data gathered by a number of domains and maximum industries. Still, don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself. Why not set up your website, blog, or any other online medium for a quick reality check?

You can do this with the completely new Adsense benchmark tool we put together during our latest market research.

You Can Make Up For Lost Revenue By:

So, how did the benchmark thing go? We know, don’t we? The numbers you see can be intimidating, but you can always change them! Look on the bright side – the more significant the gap between your actual and potential revenue from ad publishing, the more room you have to grow your online monetization business. Thanks to the wonders of technology, increasing your domain’s monetization revenue from 21% to that precious 100% isn’t complicated.

No matter how high your advertising potential, you can build it there. All you need is a magic formula… and we’ve got it for you!

The Magic Formula of Monetization:

Whether you use Adsense or Direct Advertising, your ad publishing revenue will be built on three pillars:

CPC Piller – This defines the average payout expected from advertisers for running their ads on your domain. It determines the maximum value that an impression, click or target action can get you.

Organic Pillar – The lifeblood of your monetization efforts. The more organic traffic you get, the more resources you have to deliver views, clicks and conversions on those ads.

CTR Pillar – If the SEO pillar attracts potential customers to your domain, it was built to ensure that they stay there long enough to interact with your content, including ads.

And now that we understand the magic formula, how can we put it to good use? Theory is fun and all, but it’s the practice that makes things perfect.

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