Context and Creativity: A perfect combination to dominate the age of attention


In this increasingly noisy advertising sphere, audiences detest wading through a complex banner of advertisements to access content. Moreover, we have entered the attention economy, where people are glued to their devices and seek more personalised experiences. These two dynamics create an environment where a combination of context and creative are the keys to advertising success. Utilising creativity in advertisements tends to lead to bolstered conversions, and adaptive creative has been shown to drive around half of a campaign’s success. Thus, by combining adaptive creativity with more personalised, contextually relevant advertising placement, publishers and advertisers can drive the most impact and attention for their brands. Now is the time to make the best out of Contextual Targeting Solutions and adaptive creative

While the third-party cookies and identifiers continue to decline in usage and popularity, contextual intelligence is becoming increasingly effective in targeting audiences online and helping brands reach the revenue targets. Additionally, adaptive creative helps publishers to customise attributes of the same advertisement differently across various ad experiences, managing user experience against monetization. Thus, contextual intelligence is powering adaptive creative.

With third-party targeting fast being phased out, advertisers and publishers are looking for new, privacy-friendly ways to get brand messages in the right places. Contextual Targeting Solutions are a viable and beneficial alternative, as it is now possible to use technology to match ads with users based not on behaviour, but instead on content context.

Adaptive creative and contextual targeting are superpowers for marketers in the age of attention, and combining the two yields excellent results. If you are a publisher and are not yet leveraging context and creative powers, now is the time.. Feel free to reach out to Hindsight Solutions , a technology company that moves beyond the boundaries of traditional contextual advertising to leverage contextual intelligence and make smarter, intuitive ads that meld into the content around them. For more details related to Contextual Targeting Solutions , visit our website or email us at, and let us together dominate the new age advertising industry.