How Does Content Recommendation Work in The Advertising Landscape?

In the coming years, personalization will be a significant key to advertising success. Technological advancements are driving more human and personalized experiences in the consumer web space. This makes it vital for publishers and advertisers to adapt to the growing trend for customized interactions and non-intrusive advertisements. To leverage the power of personalization, content recommendation is a necessary step. On an advanced level, AI-powered content recommendation engines can be trained against product catalogs and customer/consumer/ user data to develop personalized recommendations. Being a Content Recommendation Services Provider, we understand the effectiveness of content recommendations for publishers and advertisers.

Content recommendation is a form of native advertising integrating site content seamlessly with other content. Content recommendations are often seen in the form of a related content widget urging visitors to look at more content from your site. It is an easy way to personalize your visitors’ experience helping in brand awareness, boosting user engagement, and also the time your users spend on the website.

What’s best about content recommendation is the fact that it works well for both advertisers and publishers. Publishers can make use of this approach to acquire new readers and subscribers and understand the relevance and demand. Meanwhile, the advertisers can make use of content recommendations in order to put their sponsored content on high-quality and relevant sites which enhances the chances of being clicked, and also the advertisers need not worry about being blocked by ad blockers.

Without a doubt, content recommendations have the potential to generate better revenue for both publishers and advertisers. And to make things easier, Hindsight Solutions has come up with InCERT. Hindsight’s InCERT product uses an in-article contextual algorithm to recommend internal articles and a contextual ad to drive pageviews and revenue. To know more about InCERT, feel free to visit our website i.e., or in case you have any unanswered queries, shoot us a mail at and let the advertising professionals help you in acing the advertising landscape.