Is Contextual Advertising the Solution To Cookie-Less Crumble?

Targeted advertising using third-party cookies has helped brands for years in tracking users across different sites. But the tables have turned as the demise of third-party cookies approaches quickly. We have already stepped into an entirely new era of advertising that will demand unique tactics from marketers, brands, publishers, and advertisers. Publishers and advertisers are in a dynamic conversation about what will happen after the cookies crumble. Though cookies work as a bridge between the user, publisher, and advertiser, the shift in privacy preferences around the world compels advertisers and publishers to seek new solutions to come up with meaningful, targeted, and non-intrusive ad campaigns.

Without a doubt, contextual advertising is a solution to this emerging trend. This is a non-invasive way of placing advertisements where the consumers are most receptive to them, without even depending upon personal data. The involvement of technology like artificial intelligence and semantic science better ensures ads end up with relevant content by analyzing the tone, context, and meaning of content at scale and in real time. This not only improves the advertising approach but also sets the contextual monetization game right for publishers and advertisers.

By continuing to leverage contextual advertising to meet customers in the right place at the right time, advertisers and publishers will be able to successfully move past their dependence on third-party cookies to deliver meaningful messages at scale. Without any second thought, contextual strategies are the future. With the death of cookies looming, driving outcomes with contextual targeting is what marketers prefer.

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