Is Native Advertising Profitable for Publishers?


Leading marketers say that the native advertising approach is a win-win approach for publishers, advertisers, and users alike, and as such this tactic has taken over the digital advertising industry across all genres and geographies. This widespread acceptance for native advertising stems from the numerous benefits it provides, and the approach continues to impress the advertisers as a brand and performance medium.

The goal of native advertisements is to blend in; as such, they are designed to look as natural as possible without disrupting the user experience. Native advertising includes in-feed ad formats, content recommendations, sponsored posts, and paid search ads in search engines. Native ads become a part of the user’s experience of consuming content, and since users more actively read the ads, this higher degree of interaction ultimately improves the click-through rate.

Here are some ways native advertising can be profitable for publishers:

  • Revenue – Create brand awareness, build customer relationships, and generate better revenue with native content.
  • Engagement and viewability – Native advertising is an excellent remedy for advertisement fatigue, as it is highly engaging and generates higher click-through rates.
  • User experience and user sessions – Offer a better experience with native ads, with no users being driven away by intrusive and distracting ads.
  • Ad-block friendly – The overall revenue of a publisher has taken a strong hit from ad blocks. However, native advertising can counteract this trend of diminishing revenues due to users employing ad block software.
  • Control – As a publisher, you’ll have more control over your content with native advertising.
  • Relevance – When paired with contextual targeting, native ads are delivered to the right target audience segments and give users highly relevant content

Publishers ranging from large, established news sites to smaller, more niche-focused blogs are already realising that native ads can generate better revenue opportunities. Thus, now is the time to harness the power of native advertising, and you can do this by partnering with Hindsight Solutions, a Publisher Monetization Platform Company helping publishers harness the power of native advertising and shining bright in the cookie-less world. Simply visit our website,, or send an email to