Learn More About Contextual Advertising by Hindsight Solutions

Are you a digital publisher struggling to capture your readers’ attention and monetize your content without disrupting your customers’ online experience in the slightest? You’re not alone.

Find out how you can create a monetization strategy that doesn’t alienate your audience with multichannel messaging.

90% of people find online ads more effective than they used to be. Since readers are almost programmed to ignore advertisements, publishers are always looking for effective ways to capture viewers’ attention. That’s where contextual advertising comes in.

How Does Contextual Advertising Work?

Without going into technical mumbo-jumbo, Contextual Advertising is a highly efficient way of delivering ads directly relevant to the content readers are consuming. For example, have you ever noticed how some websites have advertisements for related products or services? That’s contextual advertising.

The general idea here is that readers interested in tech gadgets will want a new accessory for their smartphone more than readers on a gardening website want the same accessory.
The expert at Hindsight said on several occasions that if the content is king, then context is god. The reason why Hindsight is so attached to that mantra is simple: Contextual ads maximize user relevance. With this, publishers can expect more clicks, conversions, and ultimately a better ROI.

How can publishers do contextual advertising successfully?

Here are three tips:

1. Considering the Experience of Your Readers:

Relevant content placed in the proper context will not deter customers. This is what the original ad is for and why it’s such a huge hit. Showing a video ad inside a video is not a very good example of ad placement. It is clearly flawed and shows no understanding of what your readers want from your content.

As a publisher, you must also be careful not to underestimate your subscriber’s time. Ads naturally need to blend into the content because people are more receptive to digital advertising when it does not ruin their online experience.

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2. Respecting Your Audience:

Some publishers still fail to accept the bitter truth that content must be designed with users in mind. Putting out content your target audience likes instead of what you want/like is the difference between great and average publishers.

The success of contextual advertising largely depends on your ability to be in the right place at the right time. Once you have an accurate idea of how your readers will consume your content, you will better understand two critical things: where to place relevant ads and how to create more content that converts.

3. Be Extra Careful in Choosing Your Advertisers:

In order to connect what you’re advertising to something your audience finds interesting, you need to choose advertisers carefully. Don’t just accommodate any advertisers that come along – it’s okay to choose in this instance. In fact, it is to some extent desired. After all, your readers are your most prized possession, especially from a monetization point of view.

A specialized advertising platform that marries publishers and advertisers can provide the most firepower in your revenue-generating arsenal. Advertisers gain access to a specific, high-value audience while you monetize through highly targeted advertising content while continuously adding value to your readers.


Simply put, context rules because it is far from a one-size-fits-all approach. Contextualization allows publishers to maximize revenue from each piece of content and further personalize each platform through ad optimization.

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