Technology trends revolutionising the advertising landscape

As technology evolves, paving the way to the right set of audiences becomes more difficult for advertisers and publishers. Before, every campaign was aimed at reaching out to a larger audience base, but nowadays ad campaigns focus on reaching out to the right set of audiences. Empowering the latest tech trends is the only option left for the advertisers and publishers to make the most out of every advertising campaign. However, as one of the Best Publisher Technology Companies , we understand that not every tech trend is meant for everyone. Therefore,  we have jotted down the major technology trends that every advertiser and publisher should consider, since they have the potential to revolutionise the advertising landscape.

Adaptive Technology – Combining adaptive creative with contextual intelligence enables ads to become so integrated into content that they feel and read as editorial.
Go Cookie – less–Advertisers and publishers must face the reality that cookies are phasing out and that the latest advertising strategies aren’t dependent upon third-party cookies any more.
Contextual Targeting – It is time to move beyond the boundaries of traditional contextual advertising to leverage contextual intelligence to make smarter, intuitive ads that meld into the content around them.
Machine Learning – AI and ML-based advertising campaigns have become the new normal. These technologies work wonders in connecting customers and prospects better.
Dynamic Creative – In order to boost engagement, many companies offering ad optimization services are employing dynamic creative.
With time, the Advertising industry has changed drastically, and technology has played a major role in shaping this landscape. The ad-tech industry is currently on the move, and Hindsight Solutions can help advertisers and publishers to solve tough problems and assist in leveraging adaptive technology to make the most out of their ad campaigns.

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