Guide to Product and Content Recommendations | Hindsight Solutions

If you’re just getting started with personalization, you may be wondering what kind of product and/or content recommendations can help your marketing team’s web optimization strategy.

To learn more about these approaches and practical ways to apply them to your digital marketing strategy, read the full description below.

There are many reasons why marketers want to share product and content recommendations. They want to make sure visitors are seeing more ads, moving through the sales funnel or giving marketers some information about them in return.

Marketers can do this in a number of ways, including:

Frequency: Using the frequency of the relevant activity to play what you show a prospect. Examples include: viewed a category more than X times, frequently visited categories, or viewed a product more than X times.

Recency: You can also use recent behavior to help determine what to show to a prospect. Some common examples of this include: showing recently viewed items, recently purchased or downloaded items, or recently viewed categories.

Popularity: Using recent purchases, votes, or positive signals to increase popularity. Older purchases, votes or positive signals tend to count less than recent ones.

For a more in-depth look at advanced product and Content Recommendation Services Company, check out technologies that delve into user-based, item-based, and content-based recommendations as well as collaborative filtering.

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